TikTok Shop is an e-commerce solution integrated within TikTok. If you are making your purchase through our authorized The Ordinary TikTok Shop account, we can assure you that you are receiving an authentic product.
You can find the full range of our US product offerings on our TikTok Shop (depending on stock availability).
If you would like to return a product purchased via TikTok Shop, please be sure to explore their return policy, under section 4: TikTok Shop Return Policy
You have one (1) hour to cancel your TikTok Shop order via the TikTok Shop Portal. Kindly note that our Customer Happiness team is unable to cancel TikTok Shop orders on your behalf.
Of course! Please feel free to contact our Customer Happiness team via our Contact Forms, Phone, and Live Chat. A member of our team will get back to you during working hours.
We’re sorry to hear about that! There are a number of reasons why a TikTok Shop order would be cancelled, kindly refer to your TikTokShop cancellation email for more information.
Sorry to hear about this! If you’re having an issue with the TikTok Shop application, please report it via your TikTok app. Kindly note that our Customer Happiness team is unable to offer troubleshooting technical support for the TikTok Shop application/portal.
We try to get to orders as quickly as we receive them and in most cases fulfill orders within 2-4 business days. Fulfillment times may vary during peak periods such as after/during product launches, holidays, and special promotions.
Orders placed via our US TikTok Shop will be shipped using USPS via OSM.
Orders placed on our US TikTok Shop will be shipped from our US warehouse.
Orders placed on our US TikTok Shop can only be shipped to US addresses. We are looking to expand our TikTok Shop to other countries in the future, stay tuned!


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  11. South Korea
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Yes – In order to purchase the digital gift card for a friend, you must toggle to the country your friend resides in using the country selector menu located at the very top of the page. Once the desired country has been selected, you can continue with your purchase.

Can I purchase products and Digital Gift Cards in the same order?
Once you get to the checkout page, you can apply the digital gift card using the card number and pin. If there is a remaining balance on your order, simply use any one of our available payment methods to complete the purchase.

No – You cannot use digital gift cards in DECIEM stores or any of our retail partners at this time.

No – At this time, there will be no physical form of our Digital Gift Cards.
You can check the balance of your Digital Gift Card on our website, www.deciem.com/checkbalance. Simply enter the Digital Gift Card number & pin in order to check the balance on the Digital Gift Card.

Depending on the region and its applicable laws, gift cards can’t be returned, cancelled or redeemed for cash.

When it’s applicable, you’ll have one hour to cancel the gift card if you’ve changed your mind after you’ve bought it.

Yes – You can schedule the digital gift card to be sent to your friend up to three (3) weeks from the time of your purchase.
Yes – You can purchase a Digital Gift Card for yourself to be used at a later date.
No – At this time, one (1) single Digital Gift Card can be used against an order. Any remaining balance of the order can be processed using another accepted payment method (i.e. credit card/paypal). If you have multiple digital gift cards, you can contact our DECIEM Customer Happiness Team to assist with combining your digital gift cards in order to use them in a single order.
No – You cannot purchase a Digital Gift Card with another Digital Gift Card.
No – You cannot use a Digital Gift Card in a different currency than the one denoted on the locale you are on.
Yes – You can purchase up to thirty (30) digital gift cards per order.
No – At this time you are not able to save your Digital Gift Card number to your DECIEM account.
No – There is no expiration date.
Yes – You can contact our DECIEM Customer Happiness Team to assist with combining your Digital Gift Cards.
No – Our Digital Gift Cards are distributed by email so no shipping is required.

The following standard denominations will be available in addition to a custom denomination field that will be limited to the minimums and maximums shown below.

Standard Denominations by Currency


Digital Gift Card Denominations by Currency:
You can contact our DECIEM Customer Happiness Team to assist in resending the details of your Digital Gift Card